Drug Problems

Want Another Drink

Charrisse J. Fox


July 13, 2015
Melissa Berry

Want Another Drink

      Alcohol is legal even though it kills more and more every day. The legal drinking age is 21 but is that even right? Most of the time, one learns from one’s mistakes, but alcohol is one drug that always seems to win. Even with all our knowledge about it, we humans still turn to it. Even though it is legal to drink at age 21, has anyone considered the health risks, the millions killed, or the destruction of families?
      Does anybody stop and read about the health risks that alcohol has? Alcohol is like a poison to the body; as with most poisons too much will kill a person. Alcohol affects all parts of the body from the way one’s mind thinks, all the way down to how he walks. Intoxication causes mood changes, either becoming an emotional wreck or Superman wanting to fight anything. There’s a delayed reaction, no sense of right or wrong, and or blackouts. There’s still what most can’t see: all that’s happening on the inside. Alcoholism horribly affects everyone’s liver. Drinking that much every day causes cancer, for which there is no cure. Also, alcohol can hide some other important illnesses a person could have.
      As if the health risks are not bad enough, consider all the death a person can cause from one bad decision. Getting drunk and driving a vehicle is literally life or death. Making one wrong move while drunk driving can change more than one life forever. A friend of mine was only thirteen and riding his bike home from a friend’s house one evening when he was hit dead on by a semi-truck; we later found out the driver was drunk. I hope those drinks were worth it because my friend didn’t make it, and the driver now has to spend the rest of his life in prison because of his poor choices. Every day he has to live with knowing his drinking caused a young boy to lose his life.

      How about the family’s alcohol has destroyed? Drinking...