Drug Company Ftc

This paper will illustrate a drug company that is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for possibly keeping generic brand products that are similar to theirs off of store shelves. This paper will explain why it is unethical for this company to try to keep another company from succeeding. This paper will also describe why the company would want to keep competitor products that are similar off of the shelves. This paper will also illustrate the legal barriers that it takes in order for a company to get medicine onto the shelves of stores. The paper will then discuss the unethical behaviors that may take place between generic and brand name drug companies to keep the lower priced drugs from being released to consumers before a certain period of time.  
Drug companies are companies that consumers rely on daily. The reasons that consumers rely on the companies may be for medications to cure the common cold, allergy medication, or medicine that people rely on to keep them happy and healthy, and alive.   A common concern in households, especially one in which one or more members are on prescription drugs, is that medication is expensive. This is especially pertinent when people have limited or no health insurance. Often times when a new prescription drug comes out they market it to doctors in order to have them prescribe the drug over others. This makes the drug company a lot of money and costs the consumers a lot of money because they are paying for a brand name drug, which has no generic substitute available.
Anti trust laws were put into effect so that large businesses are unable to stop smaller business from infiltrating the markets that they pertain to. The anti trust laws help consumers because they allow for there to be competition between competitors which often results in lower prices for consumer (FTC Guides to Antitrust Laws, 2010). If the antitrust laws were not in effect than consumers would suffer because businesses would...