Drive Thru Life

Drive Thru Life

Every generation faces new expectations.   Expectations from our youth changes in time as well as what is expected from parents.   This can includes the

social enviroment; life style changes, peer pressures, technilogical advances and what is considered to be the home life.   For parents, what does society expect that

they should be able to give their children, down the to how children are disciplined.   Should a parent demand respect from their child, or wait for it to come?   Have

we as parents taught our children how to respect others?   Young adults today want what I have termed as the "Drive Thru Life", many of our young adults want

homes, new cars and all of the amenities and don't understand that it takes hard work, planning and time, they want it delivered when they ordered it,   just like a

"McDonald's" drive thru.   I believe that todays youths face many more decisions and pressures than were presented to the generation before them.  

What caused this change in our youth of today versus the youth of the 1950's.  

In the 1950's, television was just becoming part of the everyday life, when television was watched in the 1950's it was usually done with the entire family.  

Father's were the breadwinners of the home, while mother's stayed home taking care of their family.   Young adults at that time were gaining more freedoms but still

remained respectful to adults.   Erika Cox,   Life in the 1950's, 1997 .   Today it is a rarity if the entire

family can eat a meal together.   Our youth are spending much of their time at home but what are they doing?   Texting, instant messaging, emailing or watching tv with

their friends.   Are our youth today gaining more freedom because they have learned to be responsible young people or out of necessity, most families require two

incomes in the home to make ends meet?   Many of our youths are being given freedoms that they are not prepared for.   Without adult supervision...