Drinking Tea Something I Loved to Do

Drinking tea something I loved to do

but some day. I realized that I can't adapt to drinking coffee
because after I drink coffee I can't sleep well and my heart is beating faster

after that I tried to find other kinds of tea
I heard from many people that herb teas are good for our health include Korean traditional teas

today, I want to introduce my favoraite herb teas
I hope this information could be helpful for you guys

First of all, I used to drink Peppermint. It brings me feeling of refreshment      
As you know Mint is popular flavoring for gum and tooth paste
Also It's an effective cure for headaches and indigestion.

Second. I like to drink a rose flower tea before I go to bed
You wouldn't know that Rose is a precious medicinal herb
It helps me calm down and relax from a nervous
If you take this one, you can fall in sleep well then before.

Third, for the last. I recommend a tea That is Green tea.
I think It is most alternative one to coffee
It helps me concentrate somthing and awake from sleep.
So daytime is right time for take this.
I drink green tea almost every morning. also this morning

If you guys want to know about effect of this herbs
I can give you sample of tea
anyway I hope your health and hapiness  
Finally I want to say Having food is a very important thing in our life
thank you