The poem 'Drifters' explores the notion of the desire to belong to a place. It is about a woman who as a fruit picker is constantly moving to different homes. this consequently, causes her to lose her sense of belonging. the techniques that are visible through this pown gives us insight as to how this woman feels-not understanding what it is like to belong to a proper home.
Symbolism is used through this poem to emphasis the effectiveness of how the author communicates the poem to the audience. 'Green tomatoes' means that they are not ripe yet and are not ready to be picked. This acts as a symbolism of how the family is never settled at home properly. But when they move in, it will only be a short period until they have to move again. 'Bottling-set she never unpacked from Grovedale' also suggests that there wasn't any   point to unpacking as the woman already knows that it won't be long till they have to pack again, therefore, it is not necessary to unpack.
The repetition of the word 'and' is able to demonstrate that the family's regular travel to different homes is almost like a routine. This also lists the order of the process that they go through when packing. Also, the repetition of 'she'll' also shows that the woman isn't given a name, therefore she's anonymous with no personal identity.
This shows that she is powerless because, through all the travelling, she has lost her sense of belonging to a proper home.