Dressing Production Line Site

in dressing production line, ball mill, flotation machine Crusher Machine, magnetic separator, grading machine, dryer, grading machine, mixing barrels, rotary kiln is the main equipment. Mining machine according to the different needs of users, different production site for users with the most reasonable and most economical beneficiation production line. work process
dressing production line:
mined ore first by jaw crusher preliminary broken, broken after a reasonable degree of fineness through to hoist to the mining machine even into a ball mill, a ball mill ore from the crushing, grinding. After ball mill grinding of ore fines into the next process: classification. With the spiral classifier proportion of solid particles in the liquid varies precipitation rate principle, the ore mixture is washed and graded. After washing and grading of mineral mixture when passing magnetic separator, due to a variety of different minerals than the susceptibility through magnetic force and mechanical force will mix magnetic material separated.
After initial separation of mineral particles in a magnetic separator after the flotation machine is sent, depending on the mineral properties of different drugs, making the minerals and other substances to be separated from. After the desired minerals are separated out, because it contains a lot of water, subject to a preliminary concentrate thickener, and then the dryer drying, you can get a dry mineral Sand Making Machine.
mining company can provide you with various dressing production line kind of equipment, adhere to the national policy put forward a low carbon economy, to provide customers with more, better, and energy-efficient processing equipment!