The brain is a marvelous organ. It is capable of many functions and abilities. one of these abilities is creating dreams during the REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) cycles of sleep.   This is one of the abilities still very unknown, and there are many questions still unanswered. For instance, why we do dream and/or what are the real functions of dreams and what do role they play with in the brain in the human body.

A few nights ago I experienced a very particular incident while I was asleep. I had   a dream, allow me to tell you about it, my conclusions, and my reasoning.

My dream was about the brain, my brain in specific and having the ability to control multiple parts of it and turn them on and off at will. I even tried multiple times during my dream to shut down certain parts of my body and senses, like the ability to see , smell, even control the motor functions of my body. Allow me to share a few of the things I tried during my sleep, being able to see one minute then go blind the next, also being able to taste and smell the most delicious meal one second and not the next, even able change the so delicious meal to the most gross taste and smell ever.

My conclusion and reasoning about this dream. I came to the conclusion that, I experimented a REM Dream based on these indicators, I am able to remember, is story like and being talk about the dream in my awake stage.

This specific event leads me to agree with Hobson and McCarley about the activation- synthesis hypothesis of dreaming. Where this hypothesis suggest that dreams are nothing more than “The brain’s attempt to make sense of the random firing of brain cells during REM sleep”.

How am I able to make this determination?
Well that’s very simple to answer, during the last few classes, we have been talking about the brain, their functions, sleep and dreams, therefore I know there is some information/ideas within my brain (memory) still trying to find a...