Dreams of Mountain

Dreams of mountain
“Hundreds of dead bodies were still there for many years. And the amount increased year by year. In order to carry only one body out of there, we might need twenty strong experienced men spending a few months to do that. But it couldn’t stop large quantity of climbers to go there…” Discovery channel’s narrator commented. When I was watching TV at home a few days ago, they were talking about Everest- the top of the world, in the television program. While I was sighing, a name suddenly came into my mind. He is Chunfeng Yang, an old friend of mine.
    Scene went back to three years ago immediately. The rainstorm continued for a few days, so people could not get out and were trapped in the lobby of Beijing hotel in Nepal. There was a little trouble with my camera at that time. It was a new camera that I just bought about one week ago. “You should try that button…” a voice came from a man near the window. I saw a kindly smile on the face with glasses when I looked at him. With disheveled hair and ordinary clothes, he looked so normal and inconspicuous that I could even not recognize him when he was standing there around bunch of people.
“Thank you, buddy!” I said.
“You are welcome. I have a same one as you do. That’s why I know it,” he said with smile.” It seems that you are a traveler. So how is your journey?”
“It’s my first time to travel to Nepal, and I will go to pokhara for hiking. How is your trip?”
“I just came down from Mt. Kanchenjunga, and I am having a rest here,” he said quite calmly.
“What? Are you serious?” I could not believe my ears at that time. Mt.Kangchenjunga was the third highest peak in the world with altitude of 8586m. As I understand, it was the most difficult one to climb among all mountains peaking over 8000m. I could hardly believe that the words came from the thin man in front of me. That was incredible!
“This is my teammate, Jianfeng Rao.” He introduced a stronger man to me next to him. There was a logo with...