Dreams and Realities

Dreams and realities

Puzzled she was, starring through my eyes with that clueless look. She could not digest the events of the past couple hours. The rapidness of these changes was so clear, taking its toll on her, that she was convincing herself it was a dream.

It was only earlier that day she woke up to the sounds of nature coming from outside her apartment. As she heard the birds chirping away their lovely songs, she realised that something outside her window was different. She bolted to see what was it only for her to see something so bizarre and out of the ordinary. At first she was not sure if it was real but it all seemed to be true. A ten metre lamppost had just appeared right outside her apartment. “Yesterday it was not there but… how!” she kept on repeating to herself. Not knowing what to do or say, she reached for her phone to check her last messages. The last message was from an anonymous person but as she read it, she felt her stomach churning and rumbling expecting anything to happen after what she had just seen. It said “I know you are keen on pursuing your dream, but think about what you really want.” She had no idea what was the objective of this message was nor what it meant.

But suddenly she had the urge to go outside and observe the lamppost. Despite its height, as she approached it a faint flash of light was coming from within it. She started to feel comfortable as she assumed it was calling out to her with its flashes. At that moment, she remembered she was offered a job to work in the centre of the trading world, Dubai. She had always dreamt of working in one of the world’s fastest growing cities. However the unknown messenger was still a mystery to her.

The only place she could escape to, to think clearly, was the park. Its tranquillity offered her the opportunity to reflect on what has occurred. As she was walking down the street, the noise of the cars and shouting of the labourers seemed to be her future if she was to take the...