Dream Resturant

Restaurant Concept

The focus of this project is a restaurant and bar housed in historic railcars, namely, the kitchen will be located within a renovated caboose, while a renovated passenger car will provide a larger area for the dining room and bar. These updated railcars will be permanently “stationed” on a short length of track that is not connected to any working rail system, but is merely laid for the purpose of ambience, its ends disappearing in the landscaping. The real estate for this project will be located near the city’s central business district. The atmosphere of the restaurant will be friendly, yet impeccable service in a casually elegant setting, reminiscent of the days when civility and manners were the norm. The menu will feature brunch and lunch items of the highest quality affordable, with breads baked on premises, as much organic and locally grown products as is feasible, all prepared and presented by highly qualified chefs and trained staff.

For this project the students have been given an imaginary budget of $300 million. In other words money is no object. While at first glance this concept restaurant may appear rather small in scale and perhaps less grand than one would expect given such a budget, the reader is asked to keep in mind the considerable expense that will be incurred just to obtain decommissioned passenger rail cars, transport them to the desired site, repair, remodel, and renovate them to current safety codes, and outfit them for restaurant service.

Target Market

We plan to be a favorite destination for the upscale “ladies who lunch.” The ladies will appreciate and enjoy the novelty of dining in the style of the 1930’s elite, but the freshness and quality of the food will draw them back again and again. This group, as well as business professionals who work in the area will comprise the majority of our clientele. Business persons will find our atmosphere appealing for off-site meetings with one or two others and a...