Dream House

My Dream House
My dream house will be the picture of comfort and luxury. Let’s take a small tour of my dream home.
My dream house should be located in a strategic area, I dream of a house that is located some distance from urban areas. Although, the houses will be close enough to the city but far enough so that there will be no noise of city life. If I could build my dream house it would be amazing. My dream house will be located on Tybee Island, east of Savannah, Georgia, through a few miles of wide sky and salt marshes. Perhaps the most laid back place on the southeastern coast of Tybee Island. My dream house will include 4 beautiful bedrooms, a computerized fashion closet, 4 1/2 luxurious bathrooms, a bar, an exciting front balcony, and come equipped with a maid.

The first room will look great, everything inside the room is white, except for the pictures on the wall, and they will be black and white photos of my family, giving the room a dramatic and exotic look. In the middle of the room there is a comfortable cream sofa with a sophisticated computer system that will have a memory bank stored with all my of clothing articles and a picture of me, that allow me to choose my outfits for each day electronically.
In addition, there should be a beautiful and amazing principle bathroom, with sophisticate white walls and horizontal lines of crystals in the walls, a white and rectangular sink, a big white tub, and the shower will have crystals embedded in the wall, and the toilet will be automated. This bathroom exemplifies horizontal lines in crystal. From the wall/tile finish and pattern too the horizontal nature of the cabinetry, the cabinets pull the horizontal lines to make the room feel much larger than it is in reality. The shape of this bathroom will be very square, and too add some character to the room the ceiling will be cut out with an angled shape. The skylights will add natural lighting and make the bathroom a more interesting space

Also each room...