Constantin Stanislavski
Juliana Matiz

Constantin Stanislavski, was born on January 17, 1863. He was a Russian actor and theater director. He is best known for developing what is called the "Stanislavski method" of acting, in which an actor attempts to identify emotionally with their character.

This method   exists in order to prepare actors for real roles within actual plays. The system requires that the actors undertake close analysis of the playtext before and during the rehearsal process. It is divided into different sections such as:
When approaching a scene, the actor must examine the spoken words and actions of a character, and divide them into ‘units’.
Units permits the actor to chart her or his character’s continuous progress through a scene. The division of a scene into units means that no element of the playtext is overlooked when researching a role. However, Stanislavski did not want actors to ignore the bigger picture when dividing a scene into units, and suggested that :

“...an actor must proceed, not by a multitude of details, but by those important units which, like signals, mark his channel and keep him in the right creative line.” Says Stanislavski

“The division into units is temporary. The part and the play must not remain in fragments. A broken statue, or a slashed canvas, is not a work of art. It is only in the preparation of a role that we use small units. During its actual creation they fuse into large units.” Says Stanislavski

On its own, the division of a scene into units of action has only limited value to the actor. Without further analysis, units reveal little regarding the inner state of a character.
“At the heart of every unit lies a creative objective”

The key to successfully establishing a character’s objective with regard to a unit is to be as elemental as possible.
To draw an objective from a unit of work you need to find the most appropriate name for the unit, one which characterises...