Dragon’S Den Person Centred Therapy Presentation



Good evening, my name is Carl Rogers, I am looking for £100,000 for a 30% equity stake in my business.

I have a business plan for a counselling theory that could franchise across the world.

The central hypothesis of this approach can be briefly stated:
It is that the individual has within the individual vast resources for self-understanding, for altering the individuals self-concept, attitude and self directed behaviour. These resources can be tapped only if a definable climate of facilative psychological attitudes can be provided, such as congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard.
How did you develop this approach? Where does you inspiration come from?


Person centred therapy was born out of the Humanistic School of psychology. The basic ideas of the Humanistic theory goes back to Greek times, but was not brought into the psychological world until the 1940’s

The humanistic approach was theorised by an American, Abraham Maslow, who through his research thought every human being had the ability for personal growth.

I am the leading force in Person Centred therapy (Client Centred Therapy, as it is sometimes known). My theories work on the premise that all humans are good and have the ability for personal growth. This theory in the mid 1940’s was controversial to say the least. In a world where Freud, Jung and Skinner were thought to be the be all and end all. I was influenced by Maslow, Rollo May and Otto Rank other leading Humanistic theorists, continuing my work that started in Rochester Society (an organisation for the protection of children). I have written over 100 books and papers on the subject.
What is wrong with the current counselling theories we have? Freud’s theories have been accepted for years. Is he wrong?

No, not at all. Freud’s theories along with others all have their place in psychology. What I...