Jonathan Harker was a young lawyer working in London in 1800. His wife was a beautiful intelligent woman named Mina. They lived very happily together until the day that Jonathan got a letter from someone named Count Dracula, who lived in Transylvania. Dracula wanted to buy a house and needed Jonathan’s help to find one. He was paying a lot of money, so Jonathan travelled to Transylvania to meet him.

Count Dracula was a tall thin man who was always dressed in black. Jonathan arrived at his castle late at night and Dracula welcomed him and invited him to stay in his castle for a few days. Jonathan agreed, thinking of the money.

Every day he walked alone around the castle and in the gardens. Dracula never appeared during the day. In the evenings, Jonathan always wrote to his wife, and had dinner in the beautiful dining room of the castle. Later, Dracula would appear and they would have long conversations about the house in London.

A week later, Jonathan told him that he wanted to go back to England. Dracula got very angry. From that moment, Jonathan became Dracula's prisoner. He couldn’t write to his wife any more, so Mina became more and more worried.

One day, as he was searching for a way out of the castle, Jonathan found Dracula's dead body. But the same night Dracula appeared alive again, so Jonathan thought there was something very weird about him. He was frightened. He then discovered that Dracula was a vampire; he wasn't exactly dead, but he wasn't alive either. He needed to drink people's blood to exist.

A month later, Dracula traveled to England. Many people died suddenly when Dracula visited and more were dying every day. Dracula was secretly in love with Mina, so he went to visit her. He told her that Jonathan was his prisoner. “Come with me,” he said, “and you and Jonathan will live forever.”

But Mina wasn’t stupid. The next morning she went to the library and read about Dracula and vampires. She also found out how she...