Dr Seuss

Do YOU belong to One of These Groups?

The image that I have is Do YOU belong to One of These Groups? (Creepers, Weepers, or sleepers). This image was created by Dr. Seuss on April 6, 1942, the 949th day of World War II. At this time Dr. Seuss made many political cartoons during World War II leaving a lot of different assumptions and meanings behind each of his cartoons. This image is asking readers during this time where did they belong leading them to examine themselves in an intrapersonal manner to choose are they a creeper, weeper or a sleeper during World War II.
A creeper in this image is a group of men crawling low on the ground appearing to keep a low profile during the war, and not letting the war have an impact on their daily life. This group is for the people who choose to not let politics interfere with their personal or everyday life.
The group of weepers in this image is a group of men that are huddled up appearing to be sad. This group is for the people that sit around, and cry that America is in the war and that it is having a negative impact on their everyday life. With America getting involved in the war may have caused many people to hurt financially and are sad to see that their money in being used to support the war. Also, the weepers could be crying that their economy is taking a hit. In this image the weepers are appear to be representing the lower class, which means they are in the weepers class because they are suffering the most the most form their country being in the war.
The last of the three groups are the sleepers. This group of people in this image consists of eight people and a pet lying in bed happily unbothered at the fact that America is in the middle of a war.   On the foot of their bed it says “Do not disturb until after the war.” To me these are the people that choose to stay out of the governments and let things play out and continue to not stress about the economy and live their everyday lives because they aren’t...