OPS HC/571
Gusti McGee
Week 1 DQ’s

1. Explain the difference between healthcare and manufacturing operations management. How can health care services and manufacturing use the same concepts of operations management? Which application—healthcare or manufacturing –is more difficult why?

--I think the difference between healthcare and manufacturing operations management is the type of industry. Every operations manager regardless of the business holds the same values. According to Hanna and Sethuraman (2005) Operations managers focus on the process flow and capacity management, process design and layout, technology choice and management, quality management, lean manufacturing, supply chain management and operations strategy. Each topic can be applied to any business. I would have to say that the healthcare operations management is more difficult than a normal operational managers position. The healthcare industry is constantly changing causing this field to repeatedly re-evaluate to meet the new demands.

2. Identify two goals of operations management in healthcare. How does the role of the operational manager facilitate accomplishing those goals? Why are these goals important? Do these goals oppose one another? If so why?

--The major goals of an operational manager is to produce and distribute of goods and services (Hanna & Sethuraman, 2005). It allows the healthcare team to use and maximize equipment and care provided by hospitals. In many aspects this is important because the health of individuals is at sake, The services may also be invented and altered, administrations is able to forecast future outcomes, reduce wait times, hospitalization, and favor cost effectiveness.