Double Take: a Memoir

Tyler Goutermout
Double Take

Double Take
Life can take unexpected turns when you least expect it. Or life can take a turn right from the start and can seem completely unfair. Some people feel like giving up and quitting when things don’t turn out the way you hoped. The lesson that all people should take is to never give up and as Kevins dad put it “finish the season.” (Connolly 43)   Whether it is a small challenge or a life changing event that breaks you down as a person, you must push through the hard times, for humanity would not have evolved and progressed as we have if we never pushed through the challenges that life presents to us, no matter how unfair those challenges are.    
Most people face a time when they can either give up and quit or are determined not to fail. It can occur in any small situation such as a sporting event. A team could be getting killed and decide to give up hope and stop playing. Others will work until the very last second giving 100%.  Kevin never gave up and was always giving everything he got even when it seemed as though there was no possible chance that he could do it. For example, Kevin attempted wrestling, even though it seemed impossible. He could not move like the other kids and it was hard for him to even make it through practice.  Kevin would come home with many bump, cuts, bruises, and swollen wrists, but not once did he complain.  His dad told him that he had to finish out the season, and feeling the sense that all humans feel when they realize that they are at moment where the difference between what someone can do and what someone will do defines them as a quitter, or someone like our resilient ancestors, who presevered thorough the tough times to get to a place where they will advance and be successful. Kevin definitely was not the quitter type.  However, in many cases people give up on things. They will not finish what they started and feel as though the challenges presented to them are too much to...