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Administrative Dental Assistant Program Orientation
Welcome to the Administrative Dental Assistant program! This Orientation document tells you exactly how the program works and what you can expect during your enrollment. Please read it carefully. You can use the links below to navigate to each section of the document.
Be sure to download and save or print this document – you’ll be tested on its contents. You'll also want to download and save or print the Lessons Checklists for each Lesson, which will be your guide to the textbook and workbook chapters you’ll be reading, as well as the required assignments, quizzes, and exams. If you have questions after reading these materials, please contact your facilitator.
Once you are finished reviewing these materials, take the Orientation Quiz, which you will find at the end of this first section in the Topic Outline.
Logging In
Required Materials
Program Completion
Uploading Written Assignments
There are no prerequisites for this program.

Logging In
Using the ID and password in the program access information email you received when you enrolled, you can log in to the program right away and become familiar with the program's layout and navigation. Be sure to check out all links on the home page.
Required Materials
Your required textbooks and workbooks for the Administrative Dental Assistant program are:
· Administrative Dental Assistant by Linda J. Gaylor (third edition)
· Administrative Dental Assistant Workbook by Linda J. Gaylor (third edition)
Your books were included in the fee for this program; you should receive them shortly after enrollment in the program. If they do not arrive within approximately two weeks, contact your Student Advisor.
You will need your books to begin your program, but you are welcome to begin reading the online material while waiting for them to be delivered. Please don't submit...