Dont Call Me Ishmael

Don’t call me Ishmael novel response
  1. Fear is important because…
  2. Letter to author
  3. Theme of the novel

Fear is important because…
Fear is important because without fear rules and laws would be undermined because nobody would be afraid of the consequences also fear stops you from doing things that may put yourself or others at risk.
For instance – many people would do stupid or dangerous things that would put themselves and others around them in danger without fear. The rules and laws of the country wouldn’t work anymore because no one would fear being caught, jailed or killed.   Fear is important because it helps you to think of your consequences of your actions.
Fear is important because without fear life would be boring without it nothing would be exiting. Fear also keeps us alive it is the very reason that humans are not extinct it helps us to understand when a situation is dangerous or when it is safe. Fear builds confidence, when you overcome that fear that you once had then you are confident about doing that action again.
Fear is important because it helps us to do activities that we wouldn’t normally do that will be worthwhile or fun. Without fear everything would be boring and there would be nothing to look forward to or to set goals for because everyone could do it any day they wanted without thinking about it.

Theme of the novel
The theme of the novel Don’t Call Me Ishmael by Michael Gerard Bauer is based on a fourteen year old boy in year nine called Ishmael Leseur. Who has recently come to the attention of the school bully Barry Bagsley and his gang. Ishmael believes he suffers from The Ishmael Leseur’s Syndrome to which he invented himself as a result of his unpronounceable name which his parents got from the book Moby Dick. Then the new boy arrives ~ James Scobie. James was assigned as Ishmaels buddy for the day and their friendship starts from there. James is near genius and fearless which leads to many entertaining encounters with...