Donald Trump

At the age of 25, Trump obtained his first property from a cash-strapped transportation company, and later sold it to the government for a substantial profit, as the future site of New York City’s new convention center. Trump’s other famous properties include the Trump Tower in New York, and the Taj Mahal and Trump Castle in Atlantic City. Known for his intimidating negotiating tactics, especially his ability to win lucrative tax abatement deals, Trump has made fortunes in residential and commercial real estate.

Donald Trump Leadership Lessons
1. Think BigDonald Trump was always a big thinker. He believed in making big deals and hugeinvestments in real estate because he saw potential. Although, Trump would land himself indebt, he would later on make even a stronger comeback. As a result, he became knownthroughout in the business world and became a TV personality as well.A good leader should always think big as well. As Goethe once said, Dream no small dreamsfor they have no power to move the hearts of men
. If you’re a leader and you wish to speak to people’s hearts, remember that you have to think big!
2. EnergyDonald Trump is a man of energy. He believes it is energy that drives passion, and passion iswhat will make the impossible happen.Passion should be your driving force as a leader. You must be passionate about what you aredoing and where you are heading. A passionate leader translates energy down to his followersas well, giving them motivation to run an extra mile, stay an hour longer, fight a little harderfor the cause.
3. Bouncing Back Although he went into bankruptcy, Donald Trump has enough self-belief that he could standback up again, and where he is today is a testament to his tenacity to bounce back from afailure.Failure is very normal
to people, especially to leaders. If you’re a leader and you’re
constantly breaking new ground, the chance of failing is far higher than if you were staying inyour comfort zone.The important question...