Don't Play God -Frankenstein

In all of our history, we are informed about people who try and act as God, or as a greater being than they actually are. Those who consider themselves as God are those who worship their own ego, by which they turn into a tyrant that inflicts evil on the good souls.
A man who believed himself as God was the Pharaoh of Egypt, who lived in Prophet Moses’ era. When the prophet wanted to save the poor who were being treated terribly under the harsh conditions, the pharaoh refused saying “I am your god”. When Moses tried to convince him and the people that this is not true, the pharaoh claimed that he had proof by saying “Moses says that his god is powerful and the rivers flow under his heaven. I myself am like him; the Nile flows beneath my feet and I subdue the people of Egypt” and well we all know what happened… he suffered a terrible fate.
What we are trying to say is DON’T PLAY GOD!!
There is a rapid growth of scientific advancements, such as cloning, genetic engineering, etc…, but complementing with it is a developing concern whether people will take this to their advantage and try to play God.
The novel Frankenstein is about the scientist Victor Frankenstein who resurrects a dead body, but very soon after regrets it and runs away from this creation. When this ‘monster’ realizes what his is and how he became this way, he is upset and seeks revenge by killing Victor’s brother and pointing the finger at an old family friend. He then goes to Victor with a deal that demands for a companion in exchange for never having to cross paths again. Victor complies with it, but when he is almost done with the new monster, he immediately destroys it, in fear of issues that might arise due to what he had created. The monster, once again, seeks for revenge. So he kills Victor’s wife, on the night of their wedding.
A main question that is always bothering us is why did he create the monster in the first place?
Well apparently Victor insists that this was for the benefit...