Domination System

Domination System is network of power. It has persisted for at least five thousand years. “Unjust economic relations, oppressive political relations, biased race relations, patriarchal gender relations, power relations, and the use of the violence to maintain them all characterize it.” In our social system has become highly rigid and authoritarian. No matter what our society rise, men deprived a woman reproductively and sexually. Every class had two levels, one for men and other the lower level for women. A man was ruling over not only women but also children, land and workers. Women needed a male partner for helping economically and support. However, the price they paid was sexual harassment and inferior to husband higher than subordinate in many aspects had devalued women herself. People with power tried to create new myths to socialize lower class. Women were responsible for disputes in society.   Eventually it continued until several centuries. Society struggled for equal system. A domination system lacked of domination myth, which destroyed people’s lives (Wink, 37-42).
The myth of redemptive violence has created new era in the world. It became the real myth of modern world. It dedicates the feeling that violence saves the world and brings peace. In other words, when everything else fails to resolve disputes, violence resort it. “If a God is what turn to when else fails, violence certainly functions as a God.” It is also compared with cartoon characters, which is more influential to people nowadays. For an example; Popeye saving his girlfriend, Olive from Bluto. To rescue Olive, Popeye gets into fight with Bluto every now and then. It shows that infusion of power is essential to save his beloved one from troubles (Wink, 42-44).
According to Wink, humans are creation of beloved God infect the blood of a murdered god. History is full of wars. People are incapable of living peaceful life without any fights. From centuries, we are learned to dominate over others....