Doing Business in Brazil

Doing business in Brazil
Working practices
  * Brazil is a high-context culture and Scandinavians should pay attention to what is not being pronounced. It is equally important to think about how a message/presentation is presented.
  * Personal contacts are important to succeed in the Brazilian business environment. In general, it is a good idea to be introduced by a common acquaintance before engaging in a business deal or applying for a new job.
  * Brazilians shake hands when they meet someone the first time. Subsequent times might entail cheek kissing. Only keep in mind that males do not kiss males unless they are very close.
  * Face to face meetings are preferred to phone conferences or written communication.
  * Do not expect to get straight to the point which is frowned upon in Brazil. It is important to take the time to socialize and get acquainted before talking business. This goes both for meetings and phone calls. A good idea is to let your Brazilian colleague raise the business subject.
  * The perception of time is different in Brazil compared to Scandinavia. Employees are expected to be on time whereas managers have more flexible schedules. Again, personal relations are important and someone with good relations will generally pass before scheduled appointments.
Dress code
  * Brazilians tend to dress formal in the office. Men should preferably wear suits in dark colors and good shoes whereas women can wear dresses and light make-up.
  * Brazilians are generally fashionable and personal grooming (hair, make-up etc) is important.
  * Jeans are becoming more common but make sure they do not have any patches or look worn-out.
  * As a general guideline it is better to dress too formal the first day and later adapt to the office dress code.
Structure and hierarchy
  * The boss is referred to as ‘o senhor’ (for a man) or ‘o senhora’ for a woman and Brazilians don’t call their bosses by their first name but keep a...