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TRON Legacy Themes

The original TRON film was a visual and auditory feast fist and introspective tale second. TRON: Legacy, the sequel, continues that tradition, focussing heavily on how skilfully technology has been imported into our lives and impacted us. TRON: Legacy brings forward the issues of “Achieving Perfection” and “Humanity” which is embedded deep within the screenplay and visual techniques.
The theme “achieving perfection” is expressed through Kevin’s desires of “creating the perfect system”. The context of the theme takes place in between the original film and the sequel. Follow the original film, Kevin’s wife passes away which acts as the catalyst to his focus and efforts in creating a “digital frontier to reshape the human condition” in which he calls “The Grid”. He attempts to gain centralized control of computing inside the Grid, which contains implications for human rights and access to a “free system” thus allowing people to have transparent access to their alter-egos. Kevin successfully creates this utopia-like world and also creates an artificial intelligence hacking program named “CLU”, recompiled for the purpose of “creating the perfect system” whilst representing an evil doppelganger of Kevin himself.
However, Kevin’s goals and plans take a huge hit when the Grid breeds new form of program called the “ISOs” Flynn believed the ISOs could fundamentally improve the real world and protected the ISOs at the expense of his previous interests. Consequently, CLU turned on Kevin, seized control of the Grid and began to eradicate the ISOs as he saw them as an imperfection in the system. Kevin attempted to counterattack against CLU’s but this only made CLU stronger and it became apparent that the only way Kevin could stop CLU was to reintegrate him, an act that would simply destroy both of them. Kevin realized his mistakes too late leaving him in exile, in the system he had created therefore demolishing his dreams.
The issue of the theme...