Does Iago Cause the Tragedy of Othello

Does Iago Cause The Tragedy Of Othello
Does Iago Cause The Tragedy Of Othello And Desdemona, Or Is He Merely The Catalyst Essay, Research Paper
The Shakespeare Tragedy, Othello, was written and set during
the early 17th century Venice rule.?
The play is set in Cyprus and Venice.?
There are many arguments whether Iago causes the tragedy towards the end
of the play, or whether he is merely the catalyst. To many, Iago is the most evil character in the play.? He is blamed for the tragedy of Othello and
Desdemona.? However, some do not see him
as the cause of the tragedy, but merely as a catalyst, who speeds up the rate
of the fate of Othello and Desdemona.?
This can be argued, despite there being more in favour of Iago causing
the tragedy, rather than him only being a catalyst.One factor in favour of Iago causing the tragedy is
projected throughout the play.? This
factor is the hatred that Iago has for Othello.? Although he never directly tells his motive for hating Othello,
there is definite hatred throughout the play.?
Iago repeatedly says in soliloquy:?I hate the moor?
(page 25, line 397) One motive for the hatred to Othello could be because of
Othello’s colour and race.? Othello is obviously black, and throughout
the play, Iago refers to othello using racist names.?The Moor? (page 4, line140) ?The Devil? (page 6, line 92) ? Iago hates Othello so much, that he reduces him to an
animal.? These are great insults. ?Black ram? (page 6,
line 89) ?Barbary Horse? (page
7, line 112) As well as Iago?s racism, most of the characters make racist
comments and say racist names towards Othello in the play.? The majority of the characters refer to
Othello as ?The Moor?.? In addition to
this, some characters say yet more insulting names.? Roderigo refers to Othello as: ?The Thick Lips?
(page 5, line 67) All these insults show a slight trace of hatred towards
Othello.? This hatred is not only from
Iago, but is shared by most...