Does Film Influence Youths?

images from the film as a whole – image this series of images as a short eight
image trailer for your longer film.
The exercise should be handed in to Wiltshire Building reception by twelve
noon on Tuesday 16 November. (week 8)
3: Montage and storyboard.
Create a short storyboard for a key sequence in your film. You may re-use
images from your previous exercises. These images should be from a single
sequence or scene as it would be watched in real time. Try to choose what
would be a key moment in the film. For example: a scene where a character
learns a key piece of information, something happens to him/her, or the
climax of the film. It may be the opening scene you already described in the
first exercise but it does not have to be.
Design, through any combination of collage, drawing, selecting found images
or your own photography a storyboard with 8 images. You should also
accompany each image with a short description of any sound dialogue or
music at those points, as well as indicating any camera moves.
Remember to include the important aspects of composition, style and tone
that you have developed in the previous two exercises.
In addition you should also resubmit your previous two exercises. You have
the opportunity to update and improve on them based on feedback in class
and in formal feedback from your seminar leader and if you make significant
changes you may earn additional marks.
The exercise should be handed in to Wiltshire Building reception by twelve
noon on Tuesday December 14 (week 12)
All work for this unit is completed in groups. Your group will be established in
your first seminar session. Where possible we will try to form groups of three
as the ideal size for a given group, though with some seminar sizes this will
not always be possible.
All work must be submitted as a group. One copy for each assessment should
be submitted by the group with one coversheet attached with all the group