Does Exposure to Media Violence Increase an Individuals Liklihood of Engaging in Violent Behaviour

Does exposure to media violence increase an individual's likelihood of engaging in violent behaviour?

In order for me to come up with a good response for my essay on how violence in the media contributes to a persons’ likelihood in engaging in violent behavior, I had to do quite a number of readings in order for me to come up with sources which I thought would be relevant in discussing this topic.   Before I began reading on the topic, I came up with my own hypothesis that stated that ‘Media violence does indeed increase an individuals’ likelihood in becoming aggressive and partaking in violent activities. After I came up with my hypothesis, I picked up books and journals and I read up on the assignment topic, as another method of research, I looked on the internet for any other information I could find. I read up on a number of experiments which were conducted by researchers on how the media influences this. For each of my references listed below, this is how I went about researching for my assignment and I chose these to be necessary sources of information, because   they showed the most relevance to my chosen topic. They spoke about the influences that the media had on peoples’ behavior in relation to watching, playing or listening to violent movies, video games or music.

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