Does Britain Have an Adequate Parliamentary Electoral System

Zamira Elezi
British-American Civilization
Aprill 6,2015

                          Does Britain Have an Adequate Parliamentary   Electoral System?
The maturity of the political system in Britain has gradually shaped the British community. Britain at present is considered to be a Liberal Democratic state and one main component is the capacity of the government to conduct an election to allow the people to voice their needs in the national level. Election is the heart or the core of a democratic state , removing this would deprive the people of their right.Various voting systems are used to elect mayors and representatives to the House of Commons, Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales, Northern Ireland Assembly, European Parliament and UK local authorities.Five years is the maximum duration of   Parliament.After five years or it might be less than five years,there will be an election using , First-past-the-post(FPTP),Alternative Vote (AV),Supplementary Vote (SV),Single Transferable Vote(STV),Additional Member System(AMS),and Closed Party List.I am going to discuss only for FPTP and AV system.
First-past-the-post is used to   elect MPs to the House of Commons and for local elections in England and Wales.Under this system voters can vote only for one candidate and must accept the chosen candidate from each party by not showing any preference between candidates from the   same party.The candidate that has received the most votes is elected to represent constituency or ward.
The Alternative Vote is used to elect the majority of chairs of select committees in the House of Commons. The AV is also used for the election of the Lord Speaker and by-elections for hereditary peers.Under this system voters do not have to mark “X”agains their preferred candidate, but they can rank as many candidates they want with number “1”first preference,with “2”second preference and so on.The one who recives more than 50 percent first preference votes is elected.If no one...