Document Requriement Running in the Home Care Setting

1) Task: - Explain the documentation that is required to be kept when running a child care business from a home setting.
A Clear and concise documentation is very important part in a home care setting. Policies and Procedures are required by Ofsted to provide a clear clarity of contents given to staff also to parents and carers an insight into the requirements of childcare setting adhere to. (Ofsted assess all organisations to see if they are suitable to provide childcare, look after or be in contact with children and also they inspect day care providers and childminders at least once every two year to make sure they continue to meet the national standards. Ofsted also investigate complaints if somebody against any organisation and take enforcement action if necessary to ensure that organisation meet the national standards.  
There are various types of documentation that should be completed
1)Criminal Records Bureau Check: - all staff and volunteers who work in child care setting are required to complete a criminal Records bureau form to ensure their suitability. In childcare setting staff must not work with children until the CRB disclosure has been obtained.
2) Child registration form/ record Form:- This is one of the legal document, this must filled all   information related to child such as child’s name, date of birth and parents’/carer, contact and address details of child’s doctor’s name and address, two emergency contacts, medical history, immunisation (all in detail), any allergies details, dietary requirements, medical condition and preference (if appropriate) and any other relevant information. This registration form contains all the information which will be the first form to be assessed in the case of an emergency.
3) Child care Agreement form: - This agreement form provides the contract between the parents and setting. This form contains all the information about a child such as their details and parents information, start date, how many hours a...