Do You Prefer to Travel Alone or with Others?

Either travelling alone or with other persons each has their advantages. In fact, the tranquility of a trip with yourself and good music is pretty relaxing. On the other hand, the fun you can get with a good circle of friend   can make me prefer that solution. I’ve never done such a trip, partially because I’m not 18 years old, and especially because I don’t have my driving liscence. A sure thing is that a long four hours of car surely appears less of an hard time with somebody to chat with!

But I must admit that the tranquility of being alone with myself during a long time get me to think, to have reflexions, otherwise I wouldn’t have because of the rythm PACE of life. Take to time to catch my breath. For that reason, travel alone is positive to me. You just have to make sure not to be bored USE THE ACTIVE VOICE WHENEVER POSSIBLE ("make sure you're not bored" or "to avoid yawning to unlock your jaw" after ten minutes, because you’ll see that the rest of the trip will be longer than a curling game than a game of curling!

About getting bored, if you travel with other persons, you have to be sure of who you’re sat next to, if it’s somebody you’re not comfortable with. That shouldn’t be a problem if you’re somebody like me, having great contacts and being able to talk to almost anybody, regardless of their physic or social profile. But,(we'll deal with punctuation some other day) exceptions makes the rules, so just ensure you not to have somebody getting on your nerves four hours long...

Personally, I’m not a great party guy, I like when the atmosphere is smooth but still joyful, a mix of fun and happiness, but trying not to turn into the extreme Make this sentence shorter. But being an artist, I must say going on a road trip with nobody but myself is pretty resourcing, and I like the feeling of liberty it can produce.