Do You Know the Future of Image Sensors Market?

The image sensors market research report enumerates growth propellers, restraints, trends and forecasts that will prove beneficial to both new and established market participants. The market research report offers a eagle’s view of the overall image sensors market in the backdrop of the emergence of social networking sites, smartphones, and smart digital cameras. The report offers a thorough analysis of market figures on the global and regional level. The capacity and structure of this industry is studied in detail in the image sensors market research report.

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Our analysts effectively employ Porter’s five forces analysis to study the current and future position of buyers and suppliers, as well as any impending threat from substitutes and competitors. To give you a clearer view of the existing competitive landscape, we have included a comprehensive Company Profiles section in this report. The Company Profiles section offers information about the recent developments, product portfolio, financial results, and a SWOT analysis of the featured market players.

Overview of the image sensors market

As of 2012, the global image sensors market stood at USD 6,845 million and the number of worldwide shipments were pegged at 1,469.5 million units. The largest application area of image sensors is digital cameras. But, with an unprecedented growth in smartphone shipments globally, the use of image sensors in smartphone cameras is likely to escalate.

However, besides these predominant consumer applications, image sensors are also used in industrial quality control applications to improve product yield and spot defective units on the production line. The use of image sensors in camcorders, biometrics, digital cameras, virtual keyboards, video-conferencing applications, optical mice, and so on has stoked their demand considerably. The demand for such...