Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Parents Are the Best Teachers. Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Answer.

Education does not end at school. The first knowledge is learned at home from parents. I can state that every construction needs base. In education subbase is home education. It is well known that nothing is possible without parental breeding. Parents are at lest first teachers, role of their is very important for whole development of kid.

      Education should be started at early period of life. That rule is owned by parents. This period is considered as one when kids learn best. Early age of life is known as acquisition age. Kids acquire everything they see or hear from their parents. This is period when the children learn unconsciously, so parents are indirect teachers of their kids.

        Language acquisition and parental influence are very related. The language that parents use in the language acquisition period of kids is very effective. Kids would use the language in the way their parents speak. Parents should be very careful about their language attitudes in this age because their children would reflect their own “mirror reflection”.

        The structure would be as stable as its subbase is. Home education is the thing that is took from home and can not be founded anywhere else. The base is learned from parents and it has very huge influence on further development of person. Anybody can become anything he/she wants, but the subbase of their development structure can not be changed, it will stay the same one, that parents built.

        In other hand, parental education at home is just fundament. Very huge influence on kids education have people and whole environment, where the kid is. Schools are education institutions having the role of educator. Education institutions are supposed to give everyone the most, but it can not be said that education begins or ends in schools.

      I think that parents do have the huge influence on development but I am not sure whether they are the best teachers or not. Everything that is included in...