Do We Need Men

Induction assignment

Do we need men?
  1) According to the author, “... the experiment that gave us men not going too well just now.” (*), because in the text the author states that most acts of aggression, violent crimes, wars or acts of tyranny, are associated to men.

  2) Mitochondrial DNA is the genetic information that already is on women eggs, that when fertilized by a sperm will originate the embryo. On the men side the sperm carry it´s genetic information which the chromosome Y is part, and only men have it and will fight for in order to keep it, which will in the case that it wins being formed a baby boy and not a baby girl.

  3) The percentage of men suffering from fertility problems as a result of Y chromosome mutation is 1.75%.

  4) Another species managed to survive despite the death and decay of Y chromosome by suppressing it (not having it in its genetic information) or changing the Y chromosome into another chromosome.

  5) According to the author the extinction of men could be avoided by “The application of Intra-Cellular Sperm Injection (ICSI), the fertilisation of eggs by injecting sperm, ... (**)”.

  6) The process whereby we could abandon men altogether while still saving the species, is instead of the sperm of men being used for fertilisation the nucleus of another egg would be used.

  7) According to the author, the main differences between the girls of today and the girls of the future if men die out, it would be that today´s girls are formed by men sperm and women egg and in the future girls would contain in the genetic nuclear information of women egg only, due to being used two eggs instead of an egg and a sperm.

  8) Extinct= adj having died out; (***)

      Genetically modified= an organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered using techniques of genetic engineering (****)

      Homo sapiens= n Human beings as a species (***)

      Ignite= v catch fire or set fire to (***)...