Do Ghosts Exist

GHOSTS: Do Ghosts Exist?

Critical Thinking Assignment


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Author’s Note: This was prepared for PHL2430 taught by Mr. Mohomed Thowfeek.

Many people believe in ghosts and they offer various reasons for doing so. It could range from watching too many ghost related movies, hearing others’ experiences, seeing pictures which claim to show ghosts, personal beliefs, or having a chilling experience of their own, but which ever the reason they cite, ghost related stories and incidences are some of the darker, spine-chilling topics people discuss.

In this assignment, we will use the 7 steps of critical thinking to evaluate the supposed pictures taken of ghosts and present our final conclusion.


There are many videos/films, pictures and stories in the media and literature which claim the existence of ghosts. Over time, people have added their proof to the collection of photographs people have taken as support of this claim.

In most cases, these photographs were taken without noticing anything odd or unusual, but it was upon developing the film-roll, or in modern times reviewing and printing the digital media that these eerie additions and distortions to the pictures were noticed. These could be for several other plausible reasons, and these are discussed further on in the assignment.

The question asked of us is “do ghosts exist?” And in answer, the claim made by all these ‘proofs’ is...