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Divorce Effects on Children
Thesis: As divorce rates continue to rise throughout the United States, Kuwait and the rest of the world, different conditions are straining traditional family settings. In this research I will argue how the increase in divorce rates is affecting the children of divorce negatively.

1. Frank, Hallie. “Young Adults’ Relationship with Parents and Siblings: The Role of Marital Status, Conflict and Post-Divorce Predictors.” Journal of Divorce & Remarriage46.3/4 (2007): 105-124. Family & Society Studies Worldwide. Print.

In this article Hallie Frank focused around investigating the long-term effects between the family relationships (parental and siblings). The findings were that marital conflict had a negative outcome on both the father and mother-child relationships, as opposed to post-divorce conflict which only had a negative effect on the father-child relationship and not the mother-child relationship. Also the study searched for a correlation between sibling relationships in post-divorce situations in which there was no relation found.

The fact that the subjects used were students in a college university who were seeking help at the university mental health clinic may have had an effect on the outcome. The method used a sample of “207 students attending a university mental health clinic. 102 were from intact families and 105 from divorced families” (Frank 110). The main argument of this article was that divorce affects the family dynamics in many different ways. One of the findings was that the relationship between father and daughter was more susceptible to divorce than the mother-child relationship. The author in the end even goes through the possible faults (such as the fact that the subjects were indeed students) that could be made. The article is rather consistent in other findings that have been looked at throughout my research.

Frank’s article is very useful for my project because she...