Love Isn’t Always Black and White

It was two years after the millennium, and things were great; Spider-man was the year’s box-office best seller, and president Bush signed into the “No Child Left Behind Act,” but just like US Airlines filing bankruptcy my life was about to change greatly and in a negative way. I remember it like it happened only yesterday, my mom always used to randomly treat me to a Wendy’s frosty, and a day out for the two of us girls. Although it wasn’t just a usual girls day out; instead we drove into an unfamiliar neighborhood, stopped outside of an unfamiliar house, and to my surprise I saw an all too familiar truck. The truck was my father’s, and he looked as though the woman he was ushering inside was sick, or hurt in some way. “Stay in the car Aimee,” was all my mother said as she grabbed her camera and headed towards the house. As my mother walked towards the house, further ahead of me I noticed my brothers red Chevy Camaro.
As my mother started snapping pictures of my father and this mystery woman, they rushed inside. My father then stormed out of the house, and because my window was mostly up, I did not quite hear what was said. I know a lot of yelling was involved between all three of my family members, and then my dad began to head my way. My brother had gotten to my window before my dad did, and almost immediately he screamed at me to roll my window up. “Aimee, don’t listen to what they’re saying,” my father told me. “Roll the fucking window up, now!” was all my brother would say. Both confused, and scared I did what I was told and rolled my window completely up. After some time my mother got in the car, turned on some Jack Johnson, and began to drive away.
It wasn’t until a few years later that I had finally figured out what was happening. Although before that happened, things only escaladed. It had been only a few months before I realized things were really changing. My brother was never home, and it seemed to me as though I...