Cultural Diversity
Emma Briggs
June Rizzo

Diversity plays a major part in who we are today. Being diverse help separates you from other ethnic races by classifying you to be a unique individual with your own thoughts, your own views of life, you can choose who or what to worship and most of all you can choose who you want to be no matter what color your skin you can choose do you want to be no matter what color. Because United States is a diverse country, it has helped me to build a great respect of the different racial cultural and religious background that reside amongst me and my family. As I was growing up African American home, I have learned how African Americans perceived different races in a negative manner. I am mixed with African American and Korean, but because I was placed in African American home, I fill that I should adapt to African American. Now that I am older I like interested directly with different races because it give me a different insight on people are individually.
I have learned a lot about the other half my race which is the Korean race. I was not allowed to grow up with my mother who is Korean. I know that there cultural ways and religious beliefs that she believes said she would have passed on to me had we spent our lives together. I have learned that the Koreans have to fight to become a separate culture and country then the other Asian countries surrounding them. They had to endure some of that pain and suffering that the African Americans had to endure while trying to break free of another race ruling. While in this class, the different culture ethnic and religious groups enlighten my thoughts and guided me to explore my culture and ethnic history in a different manner. Moreover, I have come to know that my culture and ethnic and racial history is being seen by others which encourage me to adopt a more balanced approach about my own history.
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