Diversity Today

The diversity of today spreads across the whole world as there are many cultures, beliefs, values and ethics all being brought into the same areas. Although there are many, many differences surrounding us, some people haven’t come to accept the world we now live in. There are many different cultures spread across England, and all of which are bringing new things into the country. They are bringing in knowledge as it is teaching us how others live around the world, its bringing in new foods, new clothes and also new people that are welcomed into this country. There are different ethnicities coming into the country, which like the cultures are bringing in knowledge, food and clothes. Not only are there differences with the people who are joining the country, but there are differences with people who have lived here for their whole lives. People with disabilities are often discriminated against because they are different from those who don’t have additional needs. People of different genders and sexual orientations are still discriminate against, even though everyone should have accepted them many years ago. People who look and act differently or people of a different age may be discriminated against and also those of a different socio-economic status are treated differently.
Today everybody should be treat the same, no matter how they may look, may act, or what they may do. Everyone is equal and should have the fair treatment that they deserve.
In a childcare setting, the children should be taught that everybody is equal, but by what they may hear or see outside of the setting, may influence what goes on inside the setting. Children may hear their parents, friends or families saying something that is discriminating somebody else. A child is then likely to pick up on that and then bring it into the setting. Practitioners then need to address the children and work hard on promoting the fact that nobody deserves to be treat differently and that everybody, nobody what...