Diversity in the Classroom

As our schools continually grow in Diversity there are three things we as teachers and
administrators we need to be aware of demographically . First the number of hispanic and latino
children entering the classroom has jumped greatly. Second the language barrier between
students , parents and teachers is not going away. Third De Facto Segregation
As more immigrants move to the United States namely Hispanics. The “white children” are not
majority of students anymore. Yet the number of white teachers and administrators have stayed
the same. While the student can usually speak English the majority of the household speaks their
native tongue spanish or another language. Not only do minority groups stay with in their circle
at school, but the De Facto Segregation in communities is becoming more and more prominent
Same races are living together in communities and towns and not integrating. Schools are
segregating on their own.
(ascd.org Richard Rothstein, Educational Leadership Why our Schools are Segregated May2013/
volume70/ number 8 Faces of Poverty pages 50-55)
(ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Schhneider B, Martinez S, Ownes A, 6 Barriers to Educationl Opportunities
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An increase in diversity with in our schools staff would benefit students immensely. One
of the number one problems in the hispanic culture is dropouts after ninth grade and the small
percentage of students graduating highschool and an even smallest amount of students
graduating college. Hispanic parents that don't speak english aren't learning the way that the
school system works. Therefore the parent participation is low and knowledge of how to help
there student isn’t there. One of the biggest things a parent can do for their children is to read
to them on a daily basic. Too many hispanic children are getting left behind because parents
dont know how to help their children. If there were a more diverse staff parents and students

would feel more...