Diverse Essay

Select a company of interest to you that has a reputation as a leader in the management of diversity. Review their web site pages relevant to diversity and discuss what you have discovered. What content do you feel resonates with you and is a convincing portrayal of the company’s workplace inclusiveness? What could be done better by this firm to portray its commitment to diversity?

Of all the prestigious hotels along the Las Vegas Strip, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore resort is a luxurious 5 star hotel located at the heart of the strip. With over 2000 thousand guest rooms and luxurious suites, an approximate 111,000 square feet casino, offering fine-dining, gaming, shopping and entertainment. Wynn’s hotel mission is to care for their guest, compassion. They focus on diversity that goes beyond language, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and age. They believe in employees working together as a team from different worlds and ideas to achieve a common goal. They emphasized on inclusiveness, welcoming and supporting with one another. They embrace diversity as a whole. Wynn provides an equal opportunity for all employees working in the organisation with employees’ commitment in complying with all state and federal fair employment practice laws and maintains a workforce that reflects diversity of the Las Vegas Community.

Wynn provides diversity and inclusion through the diversity council in which the main purpose is to educate on how to provide a better service, and adopt sustainability in the workplace. Their main goals are to control the resources to create an inclusive corporate culture that realised the full potential of employees. They also foster a workplace that embraces diversity and develop external vendor relationship which supports their commitment and working to a fair and equal treatment. Other functional objectives includes creating collaboration between different departments diversity action plans and initiatives, to develop diversity...