Distribution Channel Manager for Tesla Motors

Module 3
Dr. Matula

You are the Channels Manager for Tesla Motors.  Explain how you would develop a distribution strategy for your cars.

Distribution or place is part of the four elements of the marketing mix.   Product, pricing, and promotion along with place is what composes marketing.   Although many different views have been used the four P’s are still the most common.   When it comes to distribution there are many aspects to consider.   In distributing one must consider what channel or channels is important and how many because more than one is a possibility.   There is direct and indirect, and also the decisions of how many intermediaries are going to be in place if any.   Several things need to be addressed before residing on a channel.   Intermediaries and distributors have to be adequately chosen.   What type of market segment would fit distribution?   Distributors have to be familiar with target consumers and segments.   Determining the experience and track record of the intermediary must also be assessed.   How much training and support will the distributor require as well?
The distribution channel in way is very similar to the concept of “supply-chain”.   In short it is about getting a product, or a good from point A to point B.   Just like in supply-chain logistics play a critical role in the distribution channel.   The idea is to achieve good “distribution flow” by addressing the right intermediaries and segments.   Intermediaries vary depending on the product at stake.   Intermediaries can be wholesalers, agents, retailers, and the internet.   “In fact, while the Internet is playing a major role in changing product distribution and is perceived to offer more opportunities for reaching customers, online marketers still face the same distribution issues and obstacles as those faced by offline marketers.” (http://www.knowthis.com/principles-of-marketing-tutorials/distribution-decisions/)

In this case the company of focus is Tesla Motors.   Tesla...