Distinctivly Visual. Shoe Horn Sonata and Pleasentville

The distininvely visual manipulates and individual senses to proke a response. The concept of sorrow and grievence in the play shoe horn sonata by john misto, and the concept that change is not only inevitable but is also good but shouldn’t be avoided, shown in the film pleasentville directed by gary ross, would be difficult to convey, therefore the d.v is essential to be able to effectively put across these concepts. This allows an individual to understand the composer’s purpose.
Within the 3rd scene of SH the rising to power and takeing over Japan is symbolised in the large Japanese flag that is being raised. As the scene continues the flag is being illuminated drawing all the attention to it. this immense flag above Bridie and Shelia highlights the fact that they are powerless against it. this creates the tone of fear and worrying in the audience. This coupled with the projescted images of the Japanese invasion and occupyency of Signanpore and soldiers ‘raised in a triumph salute’ affirms that the Japanese have won. ‘for this captured the very moment the british empire tattered and fell’. This is in stark contrast to the beginning of the play where the propaganda of war could clearly be seen through the images of the women ‘looking exiceted and happy’ and the several 1940 posters of women in war.
Simmarlerly these same tones and emotions of horror, grief, anger and sadness can be scene 6. The projected images in this scene of Australian POW’s dressed in rags and beds that filthy portrays the enviroument that that was exoirenced during impriosioment. This tone is reinforced by the dim lighting and empty stage to affirm the forboding atmosphere and draw attention to Bridie as she enters the only light on stage. This tone is enhanced by the soundtrack of machiene gun fire and crying women.
the lighting that is used to convey an immediate awareness of the tone os a scene. This is clearly evedent in scene 8. The two women ‘both of them are isolated’ this allows...