Distincitve Voices

There is the reversal of roles in the first paragraph of the opening chapter when she says “there was a good looking blonde in there as well” where the traditional male hardboiled detective is subverted by a feminist hardboiled detective. Day created a realistic female hero who is neither used by nor exploited by men. She does not carry a gun and relies on her physical fitness, “her legs are her best weapon.” Her fast paced, witty dialogue and sharp actions   outpace her male adversaries. However the female voice of Claudia also presents the reader with a more romantic view, which can be seen through her use of romantic imagery to describe Steve Angell’s eyes: “with eyes like the pools you find beneath waterfalls.” This imagery is symbolic of her romantic attachment to Steve Angell and the attraction that she has towards him.
Harry lavender’s Voice of evil has been established early on when Lavender displays his knife “So close to their eyes they cannot even blink.” , portreys his image as a very cynical person, he is classified as the person running Sydney, spreading crimes over the city, killing people like ‘cancer’ explores the themes of corruption as he outlines himself as a disease.
Bruce dawe is regarded as a poet of suburbia, Worked in airforce before Vietnam war broke out. Not an obsolute pacifist

Weapons training is a poem, a dramatic monologue written by Bruce dawe in 1970. It is a poem written in first person, the I of the poem being a drill sargent on a parade ground standing in front of a bunch of recruits. Dawe sues almost no ounctuation, with blank spaces being used for pauses & capital letter is only used twice and the lines ran on without stopping,
A group of training soldiers are being lsiteing to their drill sargent he is suing his voice to yell, swearing to them with combination of sexist and racist and homophobic language. The drill sargent is speaking to the racist (Rhetorical question queer are you a queer).
Using the most aggressive...