Distance Learning

My initial thoughts on distance learning was that it offers you the greatest flexibility of learning.. I was aware that   distance learning can be both exciting and rewarding to some, while frustrating and discouraging to others. I shose distance learning because the traditional face to face learning was not working for me anymore, i was getting bad grades for not showing up to classes at a certain time. I was having trouble balancing on campus courses with my other responsibilities and obligations. Since I've started   distance education courses, I feel more comfortable and relaxed about college. I can start classes at any time, home or work. I just hope to do well with my communication and writing skills.

I recall a time when my 16-years old cousin had her first dance competition, at the very beginning of the show she was doing great, it was toward the end when she looked scare and quited. She very upset, at that moment I wanted to criticized her performance, but I stopped myself and encouraged her. I hugged her and gave her a kiss.
In my opinion, the major different between distance learning and face to face feedback is the facial expression, the body languange, gesture and you tone of voice. I think providing feedbacks in writing might not be as asy as face to face feedback.
I think distance learning will be more difficutl for me than face to face feedback, because i would have to always remember that one of the most important priorities writing is to maintain a positive, respectful communication with your classmates. To be honest, I ofted use sarcasm and humor and have a tendancy to be hillarious to some people when giving feedback face to face. I think it's difficult for a personality to come through in writing effectively whereas in face to face interaction it is a big factor.