Walt Disney and His Legacy
Walt Disney was born 1901im Chicago, at age 15 he moved to Kansas where he began to draw 1981 Walt Disney lied about his age to go serve in the American ambulance corps. After his cartoon companies kept going bankrupt Walt moved to Hollywood and with his brother he established Disney Brother Studio. The brothers found success and hired animators and focused on character development. One of the animators was Lillian Bounds who later becomes Walt’s future wife. Later after renaming company Walt Disney Studios they moved to Hyperion Avenue, the birthplace of Disney’s greatest films. In 1928 Walt Disney creates Mickey Mouse who is known to be Disney’s most recognizable character, who was first shown in Steamboat Willie. Mickey quickly became a national sensation. Over the span of his lifetime Walt Disney created a lot of iconic movies such as Bambi, Cinderella, Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, and Mary Poppins. Walt Disney was overcome his family’s issues and still managed to be able to follow his dreams and became the president of the largest animation company.
This excerpt was from the journal of American Folklore by Kay tone who is a member of the American Folklore Society. The author tried to convince the reader that Walt Disney wasn’t perfect so she gave information that brought him down in my eyes making him more human. While this journal gave a very descriptive timeline of Walt Disney life and his achievements, it did not offer a lot of fresh information on his life. While it gave a lot of information on his political views it also was very biased on whether his views were justified or not. Another view it gave was that while Disney made a lot of risky movie choices like Snow White, the pressure also gave him anxiety. This article gave more information on Walt Disney mindset and how that is how people should think of him.