Denial of reality stands out so greatly revealing the loss of the American dream. People see the truth and never agree to believe it. They are fine, rejecting the fact about life, and making up fake thoughts. This symbolizes the green light in the Great Gatsby; whereby, Jay Gatsby believed so much that every thing was going to be as normal as before between himself and Daisy; he refused to see the reality of life. Even if he saw it he refused to accept it. Most times, people refuse to accept the truth, the just keep believing in there false hope, making them imagine more than they are use to. In the Grapes of wrath by James Steinbeck, Ma joads believed that everything was going to be better, forgetting how severe their condition at that time was. She refused to see the reality of life and how hard it takes such severe condition to meltdown and reproduce something good. Denial of reality have really destroyed and taken people to unexpected places, causing them to regret their existence as human beings, revealing the loss in American dream.
People dream most times of lots of things, both possible and impossible things. Sometimes people dream of greater things but never reach it. They keep giving up, changing ideas and even postpone their dreams. Like in the Great Gatsby, grandpa was once excited he was about to go to California to live a better life, but all of a sudden his thoughts on going to California changed. People never make up their mind, and keep moving towards their dream. Also, in the Letter from Birmingham Jail, by Martin Luther king that states “Justice to long delayed is justice denied” (king 4). People keep postponing their dreams and focus in life, forgetting that time waits for no man. Uncertain dream have really set a lot of people backward, and also have been an aspect that have led to people’s downfall and disillusionment.
For people to be committed and certain with their ideas seems really rare. People constantly change their ideas and goal...