Disease Is It a Drug or Choice

Angela Gipson
Eng. 112

                                            Addiction is it a Disease or Choice  
Addiction is a choice, it comes in different shapes and forms. It can be drugs or alcohol addiction. No matter what it is, it’s all bad for you. What’s the difference between the two? Nothing! The addiction of alcohol and drugs can cause harm to your body. If you don’t get help you will ruin your life and lives of those who love you very much.
While during the research for the topic, pertaining to addiction whether it is a choice or an addiction, the subject that came to mind more often was the topic of drugs. Doing drugs is a thing that most teenagers do, and is one of the adapted behaviors of teen at an early age.   Although most people do not look at the act of doing drugs as an addiction, when we hear that someone has died from a hazardous drug, it makes you wander.   Is this a form of informational social influence, do we trust and depend on information from reliable source such as the Surgeon General, who is affiliates with the American Medical Association. In the article” AMA Secondhand Smoke Initiative.”,(Pongracic, 2006, 2011), the article, states that death may be prevented, by not smoking, that smoking is a choice, which relates to the downside of conformity.   Most people started doing when they were teens to blend in or go along with the crowd.   Although, a person may not do drugs they are still in danger of death due to the effect of second hand smoke.   While most people would think that if there was a life or death situation they would choose life or death, most people would choose life and start by quitting drugs, however, people are still doing drugs.  

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