Discuss the Training Requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (Hltas).

Higher level Teaching Assistants works alongside school teachers helping the pupils gain the most knowledge and understanding of their education and supporting them to achieve their full potential in learning. Therefore HLTAs must have met the requirements for training and knowledge in order to be able to support the students in every aspect of their learning.

Having numeracy and literacy skills at a NVQ Level 2 English and Math’s is an essential requirement for becoming a HLTA. This is because the some of the role of the HLTA is to listen, read and correct a pupils reading and writing so that the student recognizes their mistake which increases their knowledge and understanding which begins to limit the mistakes which can be made further in their work. Therefore the HLTA must have this requirement in order to give full support in the pupils learning and to be able to demonstrate a higher level of numeracy and literacy knowledge than the pupils themselves.

When working as a HLTA you will be working in a school environment which means that you will be working by the national education curriculum. The national curriculum is set up in key stages from stages 1 to 4. Each key stage are required to teach the correct level of education for the main subjects Math’s, English, Science, Information Technology(computing), and other extra subjects such as History, Geography, Art & Design Technology, Languages, Music and Physical Education. A HLTA must be trained enough to understand the key stages and the curriculum in order to help the teacher deliver and develop the pupils learning and education. If the HLTA isn’t familiar with the curriculum then they would fail to provide help and support to both teachers and students.
In relation to this, the HLTA are required to be trained in understanding different learning strategies and styles that are used in the class room to teach the students. Every student in the class has a different preferred learning style which the...