Discuss the Role of the Tutor in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

The role of tutor is, as Walkin (1990) tells us multi-faceted, and the responsibilities and boundaries will depend on the setting. Of course, the primary role is to be an educator. First and foremost, the tutor is there to teach and pass on knowledge to the students. To be able to create a safe learning environment, the tutor must be a good orator and get their point across effectively. To give a positive impression to the students, good presentation is important for the tutor in terms of personal presentation, oral presentation of the subject and also time management.
Within the classroom, the tutor will need to be a good organiser and to produce and keep to lessons plans in order to give structure to the course. The tutor will also need to be a team player to encourage all members of the class whilst maintaining discipline and, importantly, being a motivator. Good tutors will support their learners to encourage, guide and support them through the learning process including keeping good records for accountability and encouragement.
Above all, the tutor will need to be flexible. Each and every group of students is unique and therefore the role of the tutor and the leadership of the group will be unique to each group. Preparation and efficient management of the learning experience by the tutor will greatly benefit the students involved. A tutor will also need to be flexible to any special requests from students, whilst exercising discretion and ensuring fairness for the whole group.
The tutor will also be a mentor to their students by being a good role model and giving a balanced view. In certain circumstances, the tutor will be a counsellor to their students and advise them but they must stay within certain boundaries depending on their training and experience. For example, an art teacher may not be able to give specific careers advice whilst a careers advisor may not be able to give appropriate emotional support. The tutor must ensure they concentrate on their...