. Discuss the Perceptions of the Constituent Assembly Regarding the Future of Indian Polity.

.  Discuss the perceptions of the Constituent Assembly regarding the future of Indian Polity.


To know the perceptions of the framers of the Indian Constitution about the future Indian Polity, we have to go back to Nehru Report which published in 1928. This report is the “Blue Print of the Indian Constitution”. In fact, Nehru Report was the outcome of the Indians themselves trying for the first time to frame their own Constitution. It embodied almost all the perceptions which later on were included in the Indian Constitution. On Dec 13’1946, Prof. J. Nehru presented the Objective Resolution before the Constitution Assembly. It included all those aims and aspirations of the Indian people upon which the future Constitution of the country was to be based. While introducing Resolution in the assembly Nehru stated that thee objectives were the ‘solemn pledge to the people’ made easier. This solemn pledge was redeemed when the objectives were included in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.

Constitution Assembly & its perception of future Indian Polity –

Let us discuss the following various aspects of future Indian polity Constituted by the Constituent Assembly:-

      A-     Popular Sovereignty-

The framers of the Indian Constitution considered the people as the ultimate source of sovereignty. The supreme authority in India is vested in her people who exercise this authority through their elected representatives elected on the basis of universal adult franchise. They are empowered to change their representatives if they feel the necessity to do so.

      B-      Liberal Democracy-

The framers of the Indian Constitution were greatly influenced by the liberal democratic traditions and institutions. This is the reason that when they were called upon to frame the Constitution of the country, they included a large number of liberal and democratic features in this constitution. For instance, the provision of multi-party system and...